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For Sale: Laser Race Rigged Sailboat with dolly. $2300. Full rig Laser kitted out with the following will set you up for some great racing or just pleasure sailing: 2 sails (1 Intensity practice sail with registration #, 1 sail no #'s), Spars and foils, Foam spar supports to store spars on deck, High quality lines and Harken micro blocks, Outhaul, Cunningham, Racing Vang, Double cam cleats, Upgraded mainsheet block, Wind indicator, Homemade dolly, Trailer also available that accommodates boat and dolly. Currently residing at Water Rats Sailing Club.

Contact Paul at 647-991-1677

Aug 2017

Wanted - Catamaran. Laser sailor looking for more speed and room for the kids!


Aug 2017
Wanted - Hobie 16. Lightly used or well maintained
Jul 2017
Wanted: Used laser dolly  stuart.mussells@gmail.com Jun 2017


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