• 15 May 2018 12:39 PM | Matthew Burpee (Administrator)

    "We need 3 volunteers for each of the 4 summer BBQs. This involves being at the club at around 6pm, helping with set-up, and to clean up afterwards, including cleaning dishes, bowls, utensils, taking out the garbage, etc. Last year the BBQs drew about 50 members and clean-up help was really needed.

    For anyone who would like to organize an entire BBQ, it entails choosing the menu, buying all the stuff, meat, veggies, salad, condiments, drinks, etc. Of course I would help out as well and there will be 3 volunteers to clean up. I could also buy the meat of that would help.

    This would pay 6 work hours so you’d be done for the season. You’d be reimbursed the same evening, just hold on to all receipts. Let me know if this appeals to you and call me or email me for further details."

    Yvonne Pennefather
    Party Rat

  • 03 Apr 2018 2:08 PM | Matthew Burpee (Administrator)

    Our website is still important in this age of social media. In fact, can be thought of as a hub of our communications with social media as its spokes. Please continue to share things in Facebook and in Instagram, etc., with the hashtag #sailwaterrats. Your photos, videos, sailing tips, articles and news is wanted. I'll reach out to you to repost items here with your permission and credit. 

    With all the recent security and post reach issues in Facebook, trends in technology and design, and the coming neighbourhood along Cherry Street there's an opportunity to improve our community website, email and other social media to highlight our story.

    Three quick changes

    1) Design updateThe third column on the home page was removed to allow for a larger opening photo that conveys the enjoyment of racing with other sailors in natural and urban beauty. The site menu was shortened with links to unused content removed for now. The logo was cleaned and title font changed. Fonts are also larger for easier reading. More design work will be done during the year to make the site more mobile friendly. 

    2) YouTube, Instagram & Twitter accounts have begun for members and fans who prefer to hang out in those party lines. When posting please use the hashtag #sailwaterrats and check-in to the location so we can connect with fellow Water Rat members and their news. 

    3) A mobile app is now available from Wild Apricot, our online community application. You can: register for events and pay event fees from your phone, update your member personal profile, and find fellow sailors in the member directory.

    Check out past versions of our website by adding on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. A few screenshots are below.

  • 01 Apr 2018 11:33 PM | Matthew Burpee (Administrator)

    16 members were in attendance at last Wednesday's WRSC Board of Directors / Executive Meeting. 

    The Capital Expenditure Committee and Board agreed upon a new gate locking mechanism, gravel road repair, upgraded toilet service and a dry sink. 

  • 13 Feb 2018 5:33 PM | Matthew Burpee (Administrator)

    Registration & Clean-up Day is Saturday, May 5. The rain date is Sunday, May 6. 

    While waiting out the cold you can stay warm online:

    • Log in at left and renew your membership. Consider adding photos and info to your membership profile. To complete your renewal process, you will need to appear in person on Saturday May 5th from 11 AM to 2 PM or Wednesday May 9th from 6 PM to 8 PM to sign the waiver, exchange keys, provide proof of insurance and get your 2018 boat stickers.

    • Start a conversation with other members in the Facebook group

  • 22 Nov 2017 12:20 PM | Matthew Burpee (Administrator)

    Please register and join in the seasonal cheer on the eve of December 9.

  • 22 Nov 2017 12:17 PM | Matthew Burpee (Administrator)

    A big thank you to all of those that made it a priority to show up at the AGM. Your show of support is greatly appreciated. 

    Please log your Work or Pay hours for the AGM. If you performed other volunteer work, you can use this link to record your time as well.

  • 11 Nov 2017 2:03 PM | Matthew Burpee (Administrator)

    Some boats and boat racks have been moved for this. Please don't move them before the cutting. 

  • 08 Nov 2017 12:21 PM | Matthew Burpee (Administrator)

    The AGM is scheduled for Sunday November 19th, 2pm at the clubhouse.

    Your attendance is very important, it gives you an opportunity to vote and influence how things are done at WRSC. 

    It is with sadness that I announce that Julie will be stepping down from the executive.  She did a great job in her tenure on the board and will be missed!  

    As a result, we are looking for a new member/volunteer to serve as our secretary for the 2018 season. If you are interested in helping us out on the board as our secretary please contact me.   

    As in the past:

    1.  If you attend the AGM you will receive 1 Work or Pay hour. 

    2.  If you attend the AGM you will also receive 1 drink ticket that can be redeemed at the Christmas Party. 

    Looking forward to seeing you at the AGM.  


    Norm Lamb 
    Chief Rat

  • 30 Aug 2017 1:59 PM | Matthew Burpee (Administrator)

    The club will be closed for spraying as they missed some of the red ants the first time around. 

    When:  Friday Sept 1 from 8am until 12 noon. 

    Reminder:  BBQ Sept 14th

  • 02 Aug 2017 6:02 PM | Matthew Burpee (Administrator)

    August BBQ Help Wanted
    We still need 1 volunteer to help out on August 10 at 7pm. You will earn 3 work hours. Please let Yvonne know if you can help:

    Please do not park near the racks at the south shore (near the dumpster). Please refrain from parking "on the hill". As a result of the high water we have had to move some kayaks/canoes and sailboats onto the lawn beside the clubhouse. At the moment there are two saw horses indicating the 'in and out' for that area. Please do not park in front of them. Thank you. 

    If you have a canoe/kayak and you have not spoken with Sylvia about its location you are probably one of the stragglers. Please email ASAP. 

    Ants: Please be careful behind kayak rack #7 for now.

    F18 Help Wanted
    WRSC is hosting the F18 Canadian Championships, Sept 30/Oct 1. For this to be successful we need some volunteers. If you could help us out, please contact Jeff at:

    Clean Up Day - Nov 4th
    Christmas Party - to be determined

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