Volunteers needed to maintain the club grounds

24 Jul 2020 9:26 PM | Bruce Hanson (Administrator)

Summer flying by without having gotten in your volunteer hours? Strong men, amazons, and gardeners needed!  Choose your date, start time, and activity in the mornings of July 25 to 29, August 7 to 29. Please see the Volunteer Hours page so I can ensure you’ve got the right tools.

  1. remove weeds and bushes growing through the eastern fence, cover 1-2 feet of ground with mulch (to prepare for planting in fall)
  2. cut off the dog strangling vine on the eastern bank (pulling it out encourages its roots to sprout new plants, but cutting it at the base weakens the roots), all trimmings go in garbage
  3. cut down saplings of poplar, willow, and ash trees marked with red cloth; branches and trunks will be used to provide reinforcement for the western bank 
  4. clear out weeds in storage area, (pull out golden rod, cut off dog strangling vine at base), put in garbage, tie up sprawling virginia creeper branches onto the fence to provide a better screen from the tent village, cover small earth border with mulch
  5. trim the knotweed patch by the road so it doesn’t go to seed; all trimmings to go in garbage
  6. use a cordless drill, ladder, and two long screws to move the « no dumping » sign from our entrance to the willow branch above where the dumping takes place in the parking lot
  7. hunt for baby trees and bushes that’ve been planted to give each three watering cans full of water (hint: look for mulch)
  8. remove plastic from sand; rake beach debris of small sticks and stones up to the base of the eroding bank to provide reinforcement

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