September update - looking for help in a few areas

12 Sep 2018 1:34 AM | Matthew Burpee (Administrator)

I wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with an update on things that are happening at the club. 


The final summer BBQ will be help on Thursday Sept 13th.  Mark it in your calendar.  I hope you can attend.  

Board Member position open: 

Paddle Rat: 

Some of the responsibilities include: 

  • Keeping racks organized and maintained
  • Notifying new members as they come up on the waiting list
  • Facilitating the membership process with the Membership Rat
  • Encouraging members to lead paddle nights

Sylvia Winninger has done a fantastic job of the Paddle Rat portfolio and will be greatly missed.   

If you are interested in helping out in this capacity, please contact me directly. 

Boat Captain:

We are in desperate need of someone to look after our two boats. At the moment we are double dipping, as two or more board members are looking after the boats... and their own areas. I feel it is time we get a specific person or team to manage our boats.  

The responsibilities are open for discussion.   I would think the following might be part of the responsibilities:

  • Scheduling of the use of the boats
  • Oversee maintenance requirements
  • Be the point of contact with the Water Sports Camp
  • Ensure we have all the correct safety equipment on board and it is in good shape
  • Lead the replacement process of our boats as required
  • etc...

It would probably be of benefit if you were somewhat mechanically inclined for this position. 

This would not be a position on the board (which is probably a good thing... less red tape)

If you are interested in helping us out, please let me know.  

Regatta / Marketing person: 

At Water Rats, this year, I believe we will be running 5 regattas.  The way we are currently structured the regatta organizer (usually one person) is responsible for all aspects of the regatta, getting Race Committee, Race officer, organizing dinners, making the Notice of Race, marketing the event, crash boat, awards etc...   

To alleviate some of the pressure on the regatta organizer it would be great if we could find someone to deal with the marketing of the regatta.  Once again, the responsibilities would be up for discussion but think that some of the following would be included:

  • Use Facebook/email/posters etc....  to advertize our regattas
  • Liaise with other OHSF clubs and  promote those regattas
  • Work with other organizations (ORCA, CRAM ... )  regarding scheduling of regattas
  • Standardize/Coordinate prizes for all regattas  (maybe WRSC hats and tee shirts?)  

This, as well, would not be a position on the board (which is still probably a good thing... less red tape)

Board of Directors

Are you interested in participating on our Board of Directors? Every year we do have some turn over in the board. 

If you interested in participating please contact me and we can discuss the possibilities. We are always looking for good people. 

Catamaran Regatta - Ben Hur

There is a cat regatta this on Sept 22/23 at our club. All cat sailors are welcome. Please let your friends know!

Clean Up Day

We haven't finalized the date but keep your eyes open for something in early November. 


At the moment we have chosen a tentative date for the AGM, November 18th (Sunday 2pm).  We will finalize that date at our next board meeting in September and let you know 

Movie. Our old clubhouse made it to the big screen   

Here's an email below from our former Chief Rat Steve Hoke: "Finally found a posted copy of the movie that was shot at the 'Rats Oct 2010. I got $8,750 for the club which went right in to our building fund towards the new clubhouse. Shows how pathetic our old clubhouse really was, strong in character but…

For segments featuring our old clubhouse and grounds,

skip to 39:50

also 1:15:06

and 1:18:43

If you have any questions / comments / concerns let me know. 

.... more information to come!

Norm Lamb 
Chief Rat

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