Shutdown Stage: Only members of same household can sail and boat together

03 Apr 2021 12:00 AM | Matthew Burpee (Administrator)

Less an issue at our club as we are often boat solo but important to note.

From Ontario Sailing: "Under Recreational Sailing and Boating, boating clubs are currently permitted to be open in all zone classifications.

Please remember that in Shutdown, Grey & Red, members of the same household are permitted to sail and boat together and do not have to adhere to the minimum 2m requirement.

We encourage them to follow public health guidelines for their zone classification in relation to the protocols required.

For a detailed outline of ways to keep safe when you are preparing to go boating during the pandemic, we encourage to you get "A Guide to Responsible Social Distancing for All Boaters".

Close contact is the highest risk. Limiting these risks is critical to keeping Ontario open and safe. So, no:

- close contact

- closed spaces

- crowded places

- forceful exhalation

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Ontario Sailing

COVID Regulations Updated

(UPDATED: Current as of March 29, 2021)

Last week, Ontario Sailing shared with the leaders of all our member organizations an update on sailing for the summer of 2021 including an overview of the current COVID Regulations. On Friday, the province announced changes to the COVID Regulations that came into effect today, Monday March 29th, 2021. To allow you to have one current document outlining all the relevant pieces of Regulations, we have simply updated the Regulations Overview portion of last week’s communication. (Changes in Regulations are in bold).

Some highlights of the changes that may impact some of our member organizations include:

In Grey, individual sport training/fitness is permitted as long as individuals stay 3m apart (under Racing).

Several requirements for individual sport activities are listed below that apply to Grey and Red (under Racing).

Day camp programs are now permitted in all zones including Shutdown areas (under Sailing Schools).

Additionally, while we do not address all the food & beverage related Regulations, we would like to highlight that one other change is that outdoor dining is now permitted for boating clubs located in grey zones.

Also, with our sincere apologies, the last version of the COVID Regulations had the incorrect use of the term Lockdown. Lockdown is the equivalent to Grey, the term Shutdown, in the overview below, refers to the stricter set of Regulations introduced during the Stay-at-home order. It has been updated to the correct terminology below.

The Province’s COVID Response Framework documents clearly state:

There are several risk factors that help drive transmission of COVID-19, including:

close contact

closed spaces

crowded places

forceful exhalation

Close contact is the highest risk. Limiting these risks is critical to keeping Ontario open and safe.


Double handed and multi handed sailing can result in a combination of the risk factors listed above, particularly close contact and forceful exhalation during periods of exertion during rapid sailing maneuvers. These key risk factors should always be considered in the context of the activities you are contemplating offering. Each situation is unique and needs to be decided individually.

Regulations Overview – UPDATED March 29th, 2021

Below is an overview of the Regulations currently in place, broken down by different activities common to our member organizations. Please consider reading all areas to fully understand how you may be impacted. Each organization has to use the broadly written Regulations as the starting point for decisions about the risks they are willing to undertake as an organization recognizing their own unique situations. We recognize that each of our member organizations face distinctive items impacting their risk assessment. For example, consideration needs to be given to items such as size and space, both indoor and outdoor, and what type of activities they are undertaking, also the number and variety of activities. Each organization’s Board will have to consider all the factors in their situation to determine their potential risks and how to address those risks.

All Activities & All Colour Zones

All staff & volunteers need to complete the workplace screening before attending each day and confirmation should be documented and securely saved.

Signage is to be conspicuously posted for others about self-screening prior to entering the relevant premises.

You need to track the attendance of anyone coming inside the facility. (While this is not required in green, it is strongly recommended to maintain in green for consistency). This information is to be stored for a month and released, if requested, to Public Health.

Each organization needs a written safety plan that covers the procedures you have in place around COVID including screening, distancing, masks or face coverings and cleaning. This plan is to be posted conspicuously and available upon request.

Masks or face coverings are required inside facilities and recommended whenever within 2m of others.

2m distancing must be maintained except in special situations in specific colour zones highlighted below.

Overall Clubhouse Activity

All colour zones and Statuses – can attend to check on property; staff and specified volunteers can get ready for opening.

Inside access is limited as follows:

Grey & Shutdown – allowed to access washrooms, first aid & food take-out / pick-up areas and the path to access those areas.

Red - allowed to access storage, washrooms, first aid & food take-out / pick-up areas and the path to access those areas.

Green/Orange/Yellow – limited to 50 people inside of building (as size permits).

(Note: if running different types of operations such as meeting space or Food & Beverage, there are different regulations specific to those activities to be aware of).


Allowed to be open in all colours to launch but need to follow all workplace guidelines and consider recommendations based on colour zone.

Staff (including volunteers with specific job descriptions) are permitted to work under rules for marinas/boating clubs.

Ensure all workplace related rules are followed from regular health and safety to the screening requirements.

Maintain physical distancing as much as possible and masks or face coverings following Public Health Guidelines.

Recreational Sailing

Boating clubs are currently permitted to be open in all colour zones (subject to applicable restrictions in each colour zone).

Recommend following public health guidelines for your colour zone when sailing with others and maintain proper physical distancing and mask or face coverings.


Shutdown – no sport allowed - this would include any organized sailing activities such as practicing, training, racing or instruction.

Grey - Individuals are allowed to practice/train singlehanded – no competition (racing) or teams (no doublehanded or crewed boats). Participants are limited to 10 people at any time, and they must pre book a time slot and have been actively screened. Collecting and saving information for contact tracing is required. Individuals are required to stay 3m apart and shouting/loud talking is not encouraged.

Red – Same as Grey, except individuals to stay 2m apart.


Can come within 2m of each other only while engaged in sport.

Masks or face coverings required except when exercising or playing sports.

Stand-alone racing regattas are allowed – to a maximum of 100 people.

“Leagues” – any organized series of regular races, such as club race nights (registered/awards etc.), is limited to a maximum of 50 people per group. (You could have 2 groups run in one evening as long as groups are separated). The Regulations indicate that each “team”, or in sailing a boat crew, is not permitted to compete against teams outside of their group or against teams outside their league.

Given the evolving nature of colour designations, Notice of Races should include a note that due to COVID related restrictions there may be changes without advance notice.

Club Events

Organized club events with protocols including cleaning, physical distancing and masks or face coverings are subject to the following number maximums:

Sailing Schools – Day Camps

(For programs offered to youth in a Monday to Friday full or almost full day design that could provide care while parents are at work)

Permitted in all colours including Grey AND Shutdown.

Need to follow Ministry of Health Guidelines for Day Camps.

Last updated Version 3 - August 13th, 2020, watch for an updated document.

Major change in Version 3 – Cohort size a maximum of 15, not including staff.

Screening of participants must be more actively done than with other patrons.

Cohorts cannot mix.

Check with local public health for local interpretations of their guidelines.

All Other Sailing Instruction – Cruising & Dinghy

(This includes all adult instruction and any once or twice/week or weekend program design).

Grey & Shutdown – no programs permitted.

Red – Recreational based programs permitted ONLY if 2m distancing can be maintained throughout for participants and instructors (Emergencies exempt). Indoor group size in whole facility limited to 10 participants, outside to 25 participants.

Green/Yellow/Orange – programs permitted to run; maintain 2m distance unless needed for specific instruction; masks or face coverings are required except when exercising or playing sports.

Questions about COVID Regulations

We have provided as much clarity as possible based on the Regulations themselves. If you have questions, please contact Lisa Roddie at or Glenn Lethbridge at

Please Note: Ontario Sailing does not set any COVID-related regulations or restrictions regarding your activities. We are sharing publicly available information regarding Provincial laws. Each organization’s board or owner is responsible for understanding your legal situation, managing your risk, making decisions on how to proceed, and managing any consequences; Ontario Sailing takes no responsibility for your reliance on the information we provide in our COVID-related communications.

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