Membership rules

These rules are intended to ensure that the principles of fairness and equality are applied by the Club's Membership Rat to new and existing members. If in doubt as to their meaning or intent, please contact the current Membership Rat for a ruling. All members must review these rules, understand them, and agree to abide by them.

Note: For the purposes of these rules, the terms “Club” and “WRSC” are synonymous.


  1. The current WRSC Executive must approve new memberships.
  2. Membership may be revoked for unsafe behaviour, unsportsmanlike conduct, and personal attacks (verbal and/or physical).
  3. Membership is open to persons over the age of 18 wishing to sail and owning a boat that meets the Club's criteria for acceptable types. In general, acceptable boats include dry sailed dinghies/catamarans (without cabins), and canoes/kayaks. Boats cannot be: longer than 21' LOA; heavier than 475lbs; no ballast keel or centreboard; no motor. All boats must be constructed of a rigid material.
  4. A single membership covers one catamaran or one dinghy over 15 feet, or two dinghies under 15 feet, or two sailing boards[grandfathered] (EXEC-July2012-pending Ratification AGM2012) /canoes/kayaks. Catamaran and dinghy members may also use their personal canoes and kayaks at the club.
  5. The WRSC season runs from April 1 to March 31. Members may leave their boats at the Club during the winter months.
  6. Membership is not transferable, i.e., if you sell your boat, the new owner cannot assume your membership or boat space.
  7. WRSC is not responsible for the safekeeping of member's boats and property. All members must have insurance that includes personal liability insurance of at least $1,000,000 a photo copied proof of which must be presented at registration (AGM2010)
  8. Members must maintain their boats in a seaworthy condition, maintain the immediate area around their boats on a regular basis, and adhere to Federal and Ontario laws especially with respect to the use of personal flotation devices (PFDs) and other safety equipment.
  9. Member's property must be removed from the club within 30 days of terminating membership. Any item not removed shall be deemed abandoned and ownership forfeited to WRSC for disposition.
  10. The current season’s stickers must be affixed to all boats and trailers kept at WRSC. Failure to affix current stickers may result in members’ boats/trailers being removed from the Club. If a member changes or brings a new boat or trailer to the Club, new stickers must be obtained from the Membership Rat. Trailers and dollies must be maintained to be in a moveable state, they cannot be locked to a fixed object or wheels clamped. Trailers (other than Laser trailers) must be equipped with trailer jacks to facilitate grounds maintenance. (AGM2010)
  11. New members must not drop off their boats at the club until their membership has been accepted and they receive their stickers(s) and key(s).
  12. Members are expected to do their part in keeping the Club secure and tidy. Gates must be re-locked after entry and strangers challenged (pleasantly) if they do not appear to belong to WRSC.
  13. All dogs on the property must be on a leash and under the direct care of their handler/owner. (AGM2010)


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  1. Due to space restriction, the maximum number of catamaran memberships is limited to 50. Note: Because of this limit, renewing members who fail to renew membership by May 31 could result in their places being assigned to new catamaran members. Caps are determined at the AGM.


  1. The annual fee is $225 plus HST ($254.25) if payed on or before May 1, or spring clean-up day. After May 1, the annual fee is raised to $325 plus HST ($367.25).
  2. Members who pay by cheques that are subsequently returned NSF are required to correct the situation immediately by couriering the equivalent cash (plus $35) to the Club's Treasurer. Failure to do so in a timely manner may result in the current season's membership being revoked and removal of the member's boat(s) from Club property.
  3. New members must pay a non-refundable initiation fee of $150 plus HST ($169.50). If a member leaves the club and subsequently rejoins within 2-years (absent for no more than two seasons), the initiation fee on rejoining is waived.
  4. New members must pay a refundable fee of $25 for a key to the Club's gates and clubhouse. Because the locks are changed each season, renewing members are required to return their keys with their membership applications in order to receive a new key.
  5. Members who resign their membership in writing before July 1, will be entitled to a partial refund of the membership portion of the fees of $125. No refunds will be made after 1 July. The initiation fee is not subject to a refund.
  6. New membership fees are reduced from $225 to $125 plus HST ($141.25) after 1 September. The initiation fee and key deposit remain $150 plus HST ($169.50) and $25 respectively.
  7. All members must volunteer a minimum of 6 hours of your time to work around the club (on an approved task), and record your hours online:
    At the end of the year, members who have not completed the mandatory work hours will have up to $150 plus HST added to the following year's fees (calculated at $25/hr, plus HST).

Boat Storage

  1. Boats must be stored with a proper cover to prevent pooling of still water. Covers must be maintained such that they are not deteriorating, shredded of flapping in the wind.
  2. The Paddling Rat assigns rack spaces for canoes and kayaks. Members may only keep their canoes and kayaks on the rack space that has been assigned.
  3. Canoes and kayaks stored on racks must be securely attached to the racks at both the bow and stern. High winds can cause a boat to fall off its rack and damage another member's boat.
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