Upcoming work-or-pay jobs

Please keep an eye out for requests for help in our email news as well.

Oct 17, 24 
Saturday mornings from 10-12

This year we're going to mulch the leaves, not throw them away. Each team will have: 

-  1 person to pull leaves from under boats, clear twigs away and throw them out

-  1 mower who will be mulching up the leaves

Need more than two hours? Just bring a lunch! Prefer some other date or time?  Come when it suits you.  Because there’s only two mowers, if you want to come Saturday, please reserve your dayannahoad01@icloud.com or text (416)778-0054.

Volunteer hours

We are a volunteer run club. All members are expected to volunteer for various approved maintenance, site improvement, or social activities. We are using a form to track hours. 6 work or pay hours are required each year. Unfulfilled hours will be billed at $25/hr on next year's membership renewal as per the 2013 AGM (minutes). Please log your hours below for work-or-pay jobs (alternative link). Thanks for your participation. 

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